By: David Bradica

Boost Your Home's Appeal to Buyers by Making Small Rooms Seem Larger

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When your home is on the market, minor adjustments to boost its appeal may yield a quicker sale or higher price. Since most buyers favor spacious rooms and open floor plans, it is important to ensure that your home’s smaller spaces seem uncluttered and as large as possible.

Here are a few easy ways to give small rooms the illusion of more space:

  1. Create depth using light and dark colors. While dark colors can risk making a room seem smaller, painting walls with light, bright colors and using darker hues as accents can create a contrasting effect—giving rooms depth and making them feel bigger.

  2. Employ multipurpose furniture with hidden storage. Reducing clutter is essential for making small spaces seem larger. An easy way to do this is to invest in tables with cabinets underneath, or storage units that can double as ottomans or additional seating. Before a showing, simply stash excess items into the hidden storage for a tidy, uncluttered appearance.

  3. Use items that draw the eyes toward the ceiling. Anything that attracts your gaze upwards can make a room seem larger. Examples of such items that are relatively easy to install include floor-to-ceiling drapes, eye-catching chandeliers, and shelves near the ceiling.

  4. Opt for a few large statement pieces of furniture and artwork as opposed to many small ones. While it may seem counterintuitive, large pieces can actually make a space feel roomier, while smaller pieces may contribute to a cluttered appearance. When in doubt, follow the “cantaloupe rule” of design, which states that any decorative items smaller than a cantaloupe can make a room feel more crowded.

  5. Place mirrors across from windows. Letting in natural light instantly makes rooms feel larger, so using mirrors to amplify light from the windows is an easy way to create the mirage of spaciousness.
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