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June 2018 Viral Video

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The Future Is Now...(Terminator theme starts to play) ...Read More

By: David Bradica

June 2018 Mortgage Rates

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Most people want to save money and we want to help you do that. We make connections for our clients, using our buying power so that they can save money working with us. A large expense for most home owners is tied to their mortgage costs, so we've gone out and partnered with industry leaders to ensure that our clients get the best rates in the market and we pass that along to our clients at n...Read More

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June 2018 How Hot Is The Market

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...Read More

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June 2018 Average Home Price

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Avoid Common Staging Mistakes When Selling Your Home

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In the past several years, home staging—or the process of arranging factors like furniture, lighting, colors, and decorative items to boost a home’s appeal—has emerged as a powerful way to attract buyers. Statistics indicate that staged homes sell more quickly and for up to twenty percent more than their unstaged counterparts. However, staging must be done properly, as there are ...Read More

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Recipe: Frozen Hot Chocolate

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Ingredients: 3 cups crushed Ice 2 cups milk 4 sachets (or 2.5 heaped tbsp) of hot chocolate cocoa powder (the sweetened kind) 4 tbsp chocolate sauce Whipped cream 2 tbsp chocolate shavings   DIRECTIONS: Place the ice, milk and hot chocolate powder into a blender. Blend for 1 minute until thoroughly combined. Drizzle 1 tbsp of chocolate sauce around the rim of two large glasses. ...Read More

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5 Unique Ideas for a Father’s Day Celebration

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On June 17 this year, families across the country will honor the dads in their lives for Father’s Day. As with any holiday, the most meaningful way to celebrate may not be with a card or gift, but rather an experience that the whole family can enjoy together. Still making your Father’s Day plans? Here are a few unique ideas for a day that Dad is sure to remember: Check out a local m...Read More