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06.06.2024 | Selling

10 Landscaping Tips That Add Value to Your Home

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Curb appeal plays a significant role when selling your home – first impressions matter! Well-chosen landscaping projects can add long-term value to your home. Buyers increasingly prioritize inviting outdoor spaces on their lists of wants and needs. If you want to up your curb appeal while keeping your home’s future value in mind, these landscaping tips will help add value to your property. Read on to learn about our top 10 landscaping tips to add value to your home.

1. Add trees

        Planting trees is one of the best ways to add value to your landscaping and increase curb appeal. The presence of mature trees adds value to your home when it comes time to sell and helps you enjoy your property now. Well-placed trees add colour, texture, and shade to your yard. When planting trees, check to see how large they will be when fully mature, and choose a spot that allows them room to grow. Be sure to plant them away from septic systems, driveways, and the house to avoid any potential damage as the roots develop.

        2. Focus on the front entrance

        If you have several landscaping projects in mind, focusing on the front entrance can boost your curb appeal. A stylish front door and walkway will attract attention as people enter your home. Well-maintained walkways and stairs help make an excellent first impression and keep visitors safe. Updating your front door and adding planters helps soften the space and creates a welcoming entrance.

        3. Invest in your lawn

        A well-maintained lawn adds a significant difference to your curb appeal. Overgrown or weed-filled lawns can be seen as a sign of neglect to buyers. Spring and fall are the best times to tend to your lawn, as the weather isn’t as warm, and we get lots of rain. It’s the perfect time to aerate, seed and fertilize. Lawns are a labour of love for some but a dreaded chore for others. If it’s not your thing, a lawn care service will ensure your grass stays tip-top. Consistent care will add value to your property and help you avoid future problems. You can also try ground covers, some of which can be a more eco-friendly solution as they provide a food source for pollinators. Walkable ground covers are perfect along walkways or in smaller spaces.

        4. Light it up

        Once you’ve put all the work into landscaping your property, light it up! Attractive landscape lighting is an excellent investment. It makes your property look gorgeous in the evening, improves security, and helps keep guests safe. You don’t want anyone tripping in the dark. Good outdoor lighting will accent your landscape features and upscale the entire look of your home. Choosing solar options, LED lights, and installing timers make your choices more eco-friendly and help you save on electricity costs.

        5. Add a deck

        In terms of adding value to your home with landscaping projects, wood decks are a solid investment. A deck is the perfect foundation for your backyard oasis. It adds usable space to your yard and boosts curb appeal. Not only will it provide an outdoor living area for you to enjoy for years to come, but it will also add long-term value to your property. Check out some beautiful decks here.

        6. Add irrigation if you have extensive lawns or gardens

        A sprinkler system is a great way to reduce maintenance of your lawn and gardens, especially for larger properties. Most people love the look of a large lawn or multiple gardens, but only some enjoy the care they need. An irrigation system that can be monitored by an app on your phone makes watering much easier and aids water conservation. Setting a timer will ensure your grass and plants are watered, even if you aren’t home, protecting the time and money you have invested in landscaping. A sprinkler system can also be a bonus for potential buyers.

        7. Keep it low maintenance and eco-friendly  

        When starting landscaping projects on your property, look ahead to what maintenance they will require in the future. In most cases, low-maintenance gardens and yards are most popular with potential buyers. Another plus for home buyers is an eco-friendly yard. Keep this in mind when choosing materials and plants. Plants native to your area will be hardier, easier to care for and will generally require less watering.

        8. Create a perennial garden

        Rather than replanting with annuals every spring, create a perennial garden that will continue to flourish year after year. Once established, perennials are hardier and require less water than annuals, making them an eco-friendly choice. Determine how much sun or shade the area gets and choose plants that thrive in those growing conditions. Read the labels when selecting perennials to see how big they will get and leave room for them to grow. Because perennials only bloom briefly, pick various plants with different blooming times for constant colour.

        9. Create an outdoor living space

        When the pandemic hit, and we were all stuck at home, people got serious about creating outdoor spaces where they could spend lots of time. Look at your yard as an extension of your home. How do you want to spend your time? It’s not just about adding value; it’s also about choosing landscape projects that will allow you to enjoy your space as much as possible. For some, that may mean adding an outdoor kitchen area where you can chef up delicious meals—for others, adding a fire pit and seating area for roasting smores. Or it could mean adding a pool or water feature. When it comes to landscaping tips to add value to your home, a well-chosen, well-executed landscaping project can transform a bland backyard into an incredible outdoor oasis.

        10. Add privacy

          A sense of privacy is an essential feature for many homebuyers. Thoughtfully designed landscaping will help achieve this goal. While a fence is a good start, it can often look stark. Adding trees to your property is a beautiful way to gain a sense of privacy. Living hedges made of shrubs or tall grasses can also help block the view from neighbouring homes while bringing texture and interest to your yard.

          Not everyone looks for the same things in a home – some may love to garden, so established trees, shrubs, and plants will be positive for them. Others may not want the work of maintaining gardens. Some buyers might see a pool as a positive and be willing to pay more for a home with one installed, while others may not want the work and additional cost they bring. The bottom line is that no two buyers are alike, so avoid creating your landscaping solely based on home value – create a space where you’ll love to spend your summers. We hope you enjoyed this blog on landscaping tips to add value to your home.