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If you’re ready to purchase a home, you’ll want to ensure you trust the team with the right experience to protect you during your search and connect you with your ideal home as soon as possible.

With the David Bradica Real Estate Team you’ll work with a leading team of professionals who will create a tailored plan that’ll keep you ahead of the competition when buying real estate in the West GTA .

Having more than two decades’ worth of experience buying and selling personal and client properties throughout the region, our team is expertly equipped to secure you the home of your dreams while protecting your best interests.

Our 3-Step Buyer Blueprint

Buying a home in the West GTA is unique.  Multiple communities closely knit together, many price points and home types, highly competitive and  all spanning 4 real estate boards.  An area like this requires a specialized approach and that is exactly what we’ve developed.

Our Buyer Blueprint is based on some fundamental principles:

  • help our clients easily navigate this unique area
  • build the technology that gives our clients an edge in the market
  • help our clients get homes faster and win more offers, so that they ultimately  save money in our appreciating market

1. Determine your home wish-list

To do this, we’ll sit down and have a conversation to understand what location, property type, and features you are looking for in your new home.

Then we’ll connect you with a trusted mortgage professional in our market offering preferred rates for our clients who will help us determine the price range of your new home.

2. Make your Blueprint

Since listing prices don’t tell you what homes end up selling for we can’t start there.  Looking at recent sold data will help us zero in on the neighbourhoods and streets that have the homes you’re looking for in the price range that works.

By looking at actual real estate data to determine our strategy, you’ll avoid the frustrations of viewing properties out of your price range and save valuable time searching for your new home.  You’ll be properly informed about current market trends and be able to intelligently decide on the right home for your lifestyle.

At this point we have a “blueprint” outlining what you want in a home, the price range you would like to buy in and the communities, home types and neighbourhoods that have those exact homes.

3. Begin your dream home search

By the time we’re ready to go to showings, you’ll already know what to expect when buying real estate in the West GTA, and you’ll easily be able to zero-in on the type of home that you want—and know you can afford. With our strategy and guidance, you’ll spend less time searching for your dream home and more time living in it.

Leading Technology

To give our clients a competitive edge in today’s ever-changing market, we invest heavily in technology that others don’t. We’ve been brokering real estate transactions for over 10 years, and our approach has evolved since we began over a decade ago.

We’ve created a proprietary search portal designed to be more efficient than any other listing website currently available. Informed by years of experience and more than 1,000 transactions, our service is built on data and allows you to find homes faster when buying real estate in the West GTA.

Search Our Database

As a homebuyer in this region, you’ve likely experienced the frustrations of searching for listings and receiving overlapping data, or missing or incomplete information. The West GTA is unique, with four real estate boards in the area meeting and overlapping. If your agent isn’t a part of all four boards, you’ll miss out on great listings that they don’t have access to. Alternatively, if your agent is a part of multiple real estate boards, you’ll likely end up receiving the same information over and over again.

Our search portal is often updated hours before and consolidates listings from all four real estate boards for both for-sale and sold properties. All listings are seamlessly integrated within our systems, creating one easy user experience. You’ll be able to complete your own searches and stay one step ahead in such a competitive market by getting access to complete listing information sooner.

Our Industry Advantage

We leverage our relationships with our extended team of industry professionals to ensure you’re taken care of. This includes:

  • Mortgage brokers offering preferred rates
  • Tradespeople offering preferred pricing and availability
  • Real estate lawyers
  • Cleaners
  • And more

So that you can access the highest quality of work while keeping more money in your pocket.

Customize Your Buying Journey

Discover how our tailored plans designed to make you an educated buyer will help deliver a better experience and superior results.