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03.28.2024 | Design

How to Choose the Perfect Window Covering

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Window coverings play a crucial role in home décor. They provide privacy, help filter light, control heat, and add style and colour to a space. Whether you are renovating, updating, or staging your home to sell, there are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your window coverings. Read on to learn about how to choose the perfect window covering for your home.


What you want your window coverings to achieve will vary from room to room. Do you want the light to come in and brighten the space? Are they covering a window that faces the street, where privacy is an issue? Do you want them to provide additional insulation? Or maybe you want a blackout option for your bedroom?

Light Control

How much sunlight do you want to let in? Sheer curtains allow diffused light to filter through. This can be a good option for rooms that could benefit from brighter light, like a kitchen or office. For spaces like a bedroom or TV room, blackout curtains or adjustable blinds may be a better option.

Style and Colour

Window coverings play a big role in a room’s aesthetic. Consider factors like colour, texture, and pattern to ensure the look will complement the space rather than detract from it. The shape and size of the window will also play a role in the type of window covering you choose.

Durability and Maintenance

How important is durability to you? If you are looking for window coverings in a high-traffic area or a home with pets and children, fabrics that are easy to clean may be a priority. You can find stain-resistant or machine-washable curtains that are easier to clean and maintain.

Energy Efficiency

Window coverings help regulate temperature to reduce heat loss, impacting your home’s energy efficiency. Insulating window treatments, such as cellular shades or layered curtains, can help improve energy efficiency.

Window Covering Trends 2024

Minimalist Design

Simplicity and clean lines appeal to many people when it comes to home décor, and window coverings are no exception. Simple curtains with clean lines and minimalist designs are gaining popularity. They offer a timeless appeal and can complement a variety of décor styles.

Natural & Sustainable Products

When it comes to deciding how to choose the perfect window covering for you home, keep in mind that natural materials like linen, bamboo or wood can help bring warmth and texture into your home. As eco-conscious choices become more prevalent, many prioritize sustainable materials like bamboo, hemp or organic cotton.

Smart Window Treatments

Smart home technology extends to window treatments. Motorized blinds and shades can be controlled with voice commands and smartphone apps. Smart window treatments offer convenience, energy efficiency and enhanced security.

Layered Treatments

Layering different types of window coverings adds depth and visual interest and gives you the best of both worlds. Sheer curtains over blackout roller shades allow for privacy when needed but also let light in.

Bold Patterns and Colors

If the minimalist look isn’t for you, this trend might be a better fit. Colourful curtains can become a statement piece in a room. Geometric patterns, floral prints, or bold stripes bring drama to a space. Bold colours like deep navy or emerald green are popular choices in 2024.

Choosing Window Treatments When Staging Your Home

Adding new window treatments when staging your home can help things look updated and current. A bright, open space with a lot of natural light appeals to potential buyers. When staging your home, we always recommend keeping things neutral to appeal to as many people as possible.

Maximize natural light 

Natural sunlight makes a home feel larger, brighter, and more inviting. Sheer curtains or blinds that can be opened easily let sunlight stream in.

Highlight views

If your home has a beautiful view of the water, a stunning yard, or a natural space behind it, let the view shine through. Sheer curtains or raised blinds can help draw attention to it, highlighting a positive for potential buyers.

Consider architecture

Consider the home’s architectural style and window design when choosing treatments. Do you want to accent a specific feature? Will the treatment complement or conflict with the style of the home?

Keep it neutral

Because window treatments generally stay with the home when it sells, buyers will pay attention to them. Neutral shades are best to appeal to the highest number of buyers. Neutral colours and simple designs will complement any décor style.

Popular Options for Window Coverings When Staging a Home

Neutral Curtains or Drapes: Floor-to-ceiling curtains are versatile and can add warmth and style to any décor. When staging, opt for lightweight materials like linen or sheer fabric so you can let the natural light shine through. Avoid heavy, dark-coloured drapes, as they can overpower a space.

Classic Blinds: White or light coloured blinds made from faux wood or aluminum are a clean, contemporary option that appeals to many buyers. These blinds are durable, easy to clean, and can be adjusted to control the amount of sunlight streaming in.

Shutters: Plantation or California shutters are a neutral, sophisticated option. They work well in most windows and make it easy to control the light coming in. However, they need to be custom-fitted, so they can be more expensive than ready-made blinds.

Roman Shades: Roman shades balance function and style and add texture and interest to smaller windows. When staging, choose simple fabrics and patterns and neutral colours.

Sheer Panels: Sheer panels are perfect for letting natural light in. They diffuse the sunlight while still offering a degree of privacy. When staging your home to sell, the natural light will make the space feel brighter and larger.

Whether you are updating your home or staging it to sell, window coverings can significantly impact the space. With a wide array of options, from simple to motorized, updating blinds and curtains can help transform a room. We hope this blog has helped you determine how to choose the perfect window covering for you home!