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12.28.2023 | Community

Your Guide to Antique Shopping in the West GTA

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The West GTA offers a plethora of opportunities for the antique shopper. If you enjoy the hunt, looking for hidden gems to add to your home, you’ll find some great antique shops throughout Oakville, Burlington, Mississauga, and area. From authentic antiques and rare finds to vintage furniture and art, the West GTA has a diverse range of treasures waiting for you. Our Guide to Antique Shopping in the West GTA will cover some of our favourite antique stores and suggestions on how to bring antiques into your home.

Antique Stores in the West GTA

1. Treasure Antiques & Appraisers

Treasure Antiques is an appointment-only antique shop where you can buy, sell, and receive appraisals. They carry everything from fine art to furniture, hand-blown glass to classic figurines. They have names such as Hummel, Royal Doulton, Meissen and Belleek. You’re sure to find your next here and can even shop online.

2. My Back Shed 

My Back Shed is a quaint shop in downtown Oakville, where you’ll find antiques, French country, hand-painted furniture, and shabby-chic home décor. You can scan the as-is section to find that hidden treasure or bring your furniture for an upholstery update or repainting.

3. The Millionaire’s Daughter

The Millionaire’s Daughter is a consignment shop with 3 locations – Oakville, Hamilton, and Aurora. With a combined showcase of 30,000 sq ft, the shops are filled with unique pieces at all price points. In the owner’s words, “Everything here has its own little story and has been gathered through the years.”

4. Turner Chapel Antiques

For over 20 years, Turner Chapel Antiques has been selling and appraising unique finds in the Oakville area. Their goal is to curate a collection of the finest antiques, bringing a bit of history into your home. Beside the shop is Storia Auctioneers, their sister store, which offers online auctions, consignments, formal appraisals and estate downsizing.

5. Ryder Antiques

Ryder Antiques is an appointment-only antique shop specializing in Swedish and French antiques. You’ll find large furniture, antique church items, lighting and decorative pieces. The owner started as a collector with a taste for folk art and hand-painted country pieces.

6. The Barn

The Barn in Mississauga opened in 1963 and is still going strong today. Its home is a 200-year-old barn with an impressive 10,000 sq ft of antiques and contemporary furniture. The store imports antiques from around the world and even does rentals for film and television.

7. Sunday Antique Market

The Sunday Antique Market was formerly in St.Lawrence Market but recently moved to another historic location, The Small Arms Inspection Building in Mississauga. It runs as a monthly antique and collectible market, where you can find that one-of-a-kind piece.

8. Hamilton Antique Mall

The Hamilton Antique Mall is located in the core of Ottawa St. in Hamilton and is home to over 34,000 sq ft of booths. You’ll find unique antiques and one-of-a-kind furniture and art in the historic part of the city.

9. Clappison Corners Antiques

Clappison Corners Antiques buys, sells and trades antiques and vintage items. They are constantly acquiring new objects to add to their extensive collection, so It’s worth visiting regularly to see what’s new.

10. Freelton Antique Market

At the Freelton Antique Market, you can wander through over 200 vendors offering antiques, collectibles, and one-of-a-kind gifts. Family-owned since 1996, the Freelton Antique Market provides some of the best collectors in the area.

Bringing Antiques into Your Home

If you are new to antiques, incorporating a few unique pieces into your home is a great way to start. Before dabbling in the world of antiques, you want to understand your style. Antiques come from all parts of the world and different eras, with a vast array of designs and periods. Consider the overall look of your home and the aesthetic you want to achieve. Are you looking to completely overhaul your style, create a one-of-a-kind eclectic look, or build a fusion of styles?

Don’t be afraid to mix and match – your entire home doesn’t have to be entirely in one era to look cohesive. Mixing old with new creates an attractive visual appeal and prevents your space from looking overly curated.

Start with a statement piece to make a bold statement in your home. One large piece will make a much more significant impact than adding a variety of smaller items to your home. If you have a collection of smaller works, consider arranging them together to make a gallery wall.

Remember that antiquing is a personal journey – focus on your specific tastes and likes – each person will have their style.

Using Antiques When Selling Your Home

Generally, when staging your home for sale, you want to keep things as neutral as possible to appeal to most buyers. That being said, incorporating antiques into your staging can add charm and appeal to your house, especially if you own a historic home.

What to Keep in Mind When Staging with Antiques

Always keep your buyer in mind. The goal is to get potential buyers to see themselves moving into the space and making it their own. Take down personal artifacts, such as pictures of family members, to keep the surroundings as neutral as possible.

Blend modern with antiques. Most buyers are looking for a more contemporary style. Keeping the base of your home current (like the floors and wall colour) while interjecting some antiques with a minimal approach can be a great way to merge the best of both worlds.  

Focus on first impressions. Potential buyers make flash decisions quickly. While they know the furniture doesn’t come with the house, it does add to the overall feel when you walk into a space.

Curate your antiques. Be picky when choosing which antiques to keep in your home when you are staging. Keep only a select few, and put the rest in a specialized storage unit to ensure your pieces are well cared for.

With the right touch, antiques can be part of the staging process. We hope you found this Guide to Antique Shopping in the West GTA valuable. Adding unique pieces to your home adds character, history and warmth to your living space. The West GTA has many incredible antique shops to help you find the perfect element.