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02.24.2022 | Design

Top 10 Interior Design and Colour Trends for 2022

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The interior of your home should reflect you, your tastes, and your lifestyle. But what’s happening inside our homes is often a reflection of the outside world. In the last few years, as we have all been spending increasing amounts of time indoors, the aesthetic of our space is becoming a bigger priority. If you’re looking to freshen up your home this year, here are a few colour and interior design trends for 2022.

There seem to be two distinct groups of colour trends this year. One is warm neutrals with soft tones for a calming vibe, and the other is bright, vibrant colours that add a pop of happiness and playfulness to your space.

While very much a personal choice, from a real estate perspective, if you are preparing your home for sale, we recommend leaning towards warm neutrals and lighter tones for a bright and open space that appeals to as many buyers as possible.

1. Shades of green

Any shade of green brings us a comforting connection to the outdoors. Shades inspired by nature, such as Benjamin Moore’s colour of the year October Mist (CC-550), a beautiful sage green, will be popular. Deeper shades and jewel-toned greens will also work well as pops colour in cushions, art, and decorative items.

2. Warm neutrals

Adding warm neutrals, whether it be upholstery, paint, or furniture, can warm up the space and bring a happy vibe with it. Think off-whites, browns, and sandy tones.

3. Bright, vibrant, optimistic colours  

Many of us are ready for colour and happiness with bright and playful spaces. Pantone’s colour of the year, Veri Peri (17-3930), a beautiful and vibrant periwinkle blue, is the perfect example of a happy shade.

4. Moody shades

Charcoal, black, and moody blues are another popular trend we will see continuing into 2022 for those who love a dramatic and warm design.

5. Botanical hues

Bringing nature indoors, with muted palettes inspired by nature. Colours such as soft floral tones, greens, terracotta, and sandy neutrals will be popular.

Want a second opinion before choosing a colour in preparation of selling? Reach out to us! We’d be happy to talk colour trends and what we’re seeing in the real estate world.

One of the biggest trends going into 2022 is moving towards a more calming, comfortable, and cozy space. It’s been a challenging couple of years for us all, and we’re ready to head into this year feeling comfortable, relaxed, and at peace.

1. Calming, peaceful bedrooms

Many people are looking to remove the makeshift office from their bedrooms and create a serene, peaceful space with minimal distractions. Soothing colour palettes, warm neutrals, and soft tones are perfect for a tranquil bedroom. Layers of comforting textures and fabrics help to add warmth and comfort.

2. Curved lines

As we move away from straight lines and minimalism within our homes, the shift has begun towards curves, round edges, and organically shaped furniture. These softer lines are on trend with the desire to create a more welcoming, comfortable environment.

3. Layers of texture

Whether in textiles, wall décor, or furniture, layers of texture will be another big trend in 2022. The texture on your walls, such as printed wallpaper, lime-washing, or plaster-like finishes, adds interest to your rooms. Layering furniture and fabrics and mixing materials is another great way to incorporate this trend into your home.

4. Mixing vintage and new

As we look to make more eco-conscious choices, another trend is mixing the old with the new. Sprinkling antiques and vintage pieces among a modern design adds warmth, personality, and interest to a space.

5. Sustainability

Eco-conscious choices move past reusing vintage furniture into sustainable materials and manufacturing processes. People want to make green choices when it comes to home furnishings. We’re looking for reusable pieces, renewable materials, and environmentally friendly methods.

6. Biophilic design

Biophilic design brings the outdoors in. Incorporate this trend into your home with natural materials, botanical hues, and live plants. Not only does this add comfort to your home but helps to clean and purify the air for a cozy, healthy space.

7. Bold prints and patterns

As part of the trend in creating colourful, fun, and happy spaces, bold patterns and prints will also be a popular choice in 2022. Introduce this trend into your space with wallpaper, cushions, art, or area rugs.

8. Painted doors and trim

 A great way to add colour and fun without repainting or wallpapering your entire home is to paint doors and trim to add a little pop of interest.  

9. Beautiful entertaining spaces (indoors and out)

Entertaining spaces have taken a back seat over the last few years and haven’t gotten as much use as we would like. In 2022, we see people dressing up their dining rooms, living rooms, and outdoor spaces, making them ideal for entertaining.

10. Warm wood tones

Wood stains are also moving towards softer, warmer shades. Warm, medium-toned woods (between ultra-dark browns and washed-out greys) are becoming a popular choice. It’s the perfect way to add more warmth to a space.

While you want an updated look to your home when it hits the market, going full in on a trend can be a risky move that could alienate some buyers. You’re far better to incorporate colour, texture, and pattern trends in more minor ways throughout your home. Follow trendy colours in area rugs, cushions, and decorative items, while keeping the flooring and paint colours classic and fresh. While there is a mix of design and colour trends heading into 2022, they all seem to be centred on the same concept of creating cozy, comfortable, livable homes. Whether that means soft tones and warm neutrals, or pops of colour and bright patterns, we’re all looking for spaces that bring us joy and comfort!

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